Making some time for myself

My real life friends know that I have been no fun this last week or two. I have had a horrible cold, which has lasted forever, coupled with morning sickness and pregnancy tiredness. Oh yes, I am a big bag of fun – I even hate the sound of myself moaning now!!

So today, prompted by an offer on Facebook from my local beauty salon I spent an hour dedicated to me. I went for HOPI ear candling with sinus massage, which sounds weird, but I really liked the sound of how it could help my sinuses and ear problems associated with pregnancy and this pesky cold!

I got to lie down on a comfy table, in a lovely warm room which was darkened and full of candles and gorgeous smells and calming music. I could have fallen asleep there and then to be honest! Candles were put in my ears and lit to draw out impurities which sounds weird but was actually really relaxing. After that I had a wonderful face and sinus massage. I left feeling clear headed, calm, peaceful and very very happy.

I never usually treat myself to little things like this but I definitely think I will this pregnancy, as it has made such a difference to me today.



  1. Kim Carberry
    January 14, 2014 / 7:52 pm

    Ohh that sounds fantastic!!
    Glad to read you are feeling a little better x

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