10 Weeks Pregnant

So the last couple of weeks have been full of sickness and tiredness! I’ve honestly felt awful! I had a few days with a really nasty headache too which made my sickness so much worse. I’ve really struggled to eat properly and just been so tired and miserable!

Today though (10+2) the sickness has eased for the last couple of days and the headache is gone so I’m feeling so much better, well I would be if I didn’t have a stinky cold now! Typical, it just came on yesterday afternoon after I filmed my update video for YouTube!

In other news I managed to find the baby’s heartbeat on our home doppler which was great! I found it really easily and it came in at 180 bpm which I think is great for this stage. After going through a missed miscarriage before I find it so reassuring to be able to hear the heartbeat. We have our scan this time next week which is really nerve wracking, I really hope that everything is ok.

I’m still not sure when we are going to announce this pregnancy, all being well. Maybe after the scan, maybe we’ll wait a few more weeks. I’m defiitely getting a little bump and my trousers are too tight so it won’t be long before it’s noticeable and I need to start getting my maternity clothes out!

I’ve been updating on my YouTube channel with videos of my pregnancy so head over there to keep updated more!


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