Planning a Child Free Weekend in London

Just after Christmas Hubby and I jetted off to Venice for three nights on our own – child free! There’s a post coming all about what we did but the best thing about it was not where we were, bit was that we treated ourselves to a little bit of luxury without the kids. Normally life is all about the children so it was really nice to spend a little bit of money and time on ourselves. We grown ups deserve a treat now and then of course!

One of my absolute favourite cities is London, I just love the magic of it and the fact that it never sleeps. There is so much to do there, you could never get bored. A child free weekend in London would be amazing, so I thought  I would share with you how to plan your very own child free getaway!

First of all you need somewhere to stay. If you are travelling without kids it’s nice to splash out and stay somewhere really nice. You won’t need to worry about slippery floors or whether there is a high chair or step free access, or most of all whether there is anything expensive that they will break – just relax and enjoy the luxurious surroundings. The Urban Retreat Apartments are the perfect getaway – they offer all the luxury you could want with the feeling of being at home.

The best thing about staying in an apartment is that there’s no rush to be up and dressed for breakfast and you can enjoy a glass of wine and takeaway in the evening in front of the TV if you don’t feel like eating out every night. Imagine enjoying a book in front of the fire on a cold afternoon with no children to distract you!

Next you will want to plan what you are going to do. I’d recommend making the most and visiting all the places that you wouldn’t necessarily take children, or that they might find boring. Visit the museums and take a trip to the theatre to see a more grown up show than you are used to. Swapping The Gruffalo for Les Miserables will make a welcome change! 

Take a long walk and get lost in the city. You’ll find some amazing shops and cafes down the sidestreets and without having to worry about little legs getting tired you’ll be able to walk for miles! You can even take a walk at night – the lights in London are beautiful in the evening.

Visit a posh restaurant or cafe. We all know how difficult it is to take children out to eat at a nice establishment. You’re always worried they will be loud, or that they won’t like the food. Make the most and find somewhere that you wouldn’t dare go into if you have children with you. Enjoy a long lunch with a couple of glasses of wine or treat yourself to the tasting menu at a nice restaurant. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to rush home to relieve the babysitter and you can both have a drink as you can get a taxi back ot where you are staying.

Whatever you do, just enjoy the freedom that we long ago used to take for granted and make sure that in those few days you make enough memories to last until your next trip!

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 Planning a child free weekend in London

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