15 Weeks Pregnant

I’m going to admit it, the last couple of weeks have been hard. I’m still suffering from the world’s longest lasting cold and have also been plagued with headaches and lingering morning sickness.

On the brighter side of things, woo hoo I am 15 weeks! Every week gone is another week closer to meeting our little one. Next week I’ll be seeing the consultant at the hospital which makes it all seem more real! Every few days I check up on baby with our doppler to make sure that they are still alive and kicking. This pregnancy still seems a bit surreal to me so it is nice to hear the heartbeat and know that it is real!

My bump feels about the same but quite clearly is visibly rounder and it feels harder. I’ve been using a special pillow to rest my little tummy on at night 🙂 My bras don’t fit so next on my shopping list is new bras. My old maternity / nursing ones from having the girls are much too worn and grey to be seen in!

I’ve started trying to look after myself a bit better in an attempt at feeling better. I’ve started taking Spatone iron supplements and trying to eat a bit healthier when I am not feeling queasy. I’m also trying to keep as active as I can and plan to start pregnancy yoga soon. I also treated myself to a HOPI ear candling treatment and a well overdue haircut. I hope to start feeing human again soon!

Here is the latest bump pic!



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