16 Weeks Pregnant

This week I have been feeling sooo much better. I’ve been more hungry and less sick, although I have still been quite tired. I have now put on a total of 6 pounds so far and am officially in big comfy soft bras as my normal ones don’t fit anymore.

My bump is now more noticeable to people (and less fat looking!). I’ve started to have little twinges in my tummy now that it is getting heavier and I think I’m noticing the start of SPD symptoms (I had SPD in my last pregnancy too).

My nesting instinct has kicked in mega time. My house is organised, clean and tidy. Long may it last! Although I do keep buying little things for the house so my bank balance would be grateful if I stopped!

This week I was supposed to have my consultant appointment at the hospital and so I put off my midwife appointment until next week. Typically the day before my appointment they called to cancel so now my appointments are at 17 and 18 weeks. And I still had to go into hospital for my downs syndrome blood test!

In more positive news here is the obligatory bump shot…



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