17 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a really exciting week – I’ve felt the baby move properly for the first time! I’ve been trying to notice little flutters or movements for a while now but I am always on the go so it is difficult to pay close attention. Then one evening I was doing the girls bath and I was bent over the bath a little and I felt definite little kicks! I guess the little one wasn’t so happy to be squashed!

Since then I have felt the same a couple of times a day, only when I am sitting / laying down quietly. I guess the kicks are still too little to be felt when I am running around busy. I love this time because for me it gives me daily reassurances that the baby is doing ok.

This week I had my 16 week midwife appointment (a week late because of my scheduled but then cancelled  consultant appointment last week).

She was quite nice if a bit matter of fact but I find most midwives a little like that. My blood results were all good and she found the baby’s little heartbeat easily enough. She queried whether I wanted a natural birth or another c section and she was encouraging for a natural birth but I could see she would understand if I chose the c section. I guess I’ll have that discussion with the consultant next week.

I have also been shopping for some bigger clothes. I have some maternity wear left from my pregnancies with the girls but not nearly enough and mainly things to wear nearer the end. I’ve bought some summer stuff in the sales but it was time to buy some things for now. I picked up some lovely pyjamas in the sale in Primark for £6 which I bought a couple of sizes too big so that they will last. I also picked up some stretchy long tops, also a couple of sizes too big and a fab chunky / fluffy cardigan (see here). I also bought a lovely maternity jumper from H & M and smart/casual blouse from Primark which will do me well when I am visiting my family later this month. Look out for a maternity wear post coming soon 🙂


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