2 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old

Yet more time has flown by and my little boy is now 2 weeks old! The hubby has gone back to work and it is school holidays so the girls and the boy and I are muddling along and trying to get into our own little routine.

Sprout is still a very sleepy baby – so much so that we have had a few problems with his weight gain. He dropped over 8% of his birthweight – normal for a breastfed baby but at the higher end of the scale so we were advised to wake him to feed which we did and he put on 3oz in 2 days but then stopped gaining and stayed the same weight. We were then told that we needed to wake him to feed every 2 hours in the day and every 3 at night. Given that it takes so long to feed him, keeping him awake through a feed and then changing his nappy and feeding him some more this was really hard work. It worked though and he has put on a whopping 9oz in 4 days.

I was really relieved to be honest as I was starting to doubt myself and doubt breastfeeding. I was wondering if I was making enough milk or if I should just give him a bottle to up his weight a little but I persevered and I’m really glad I did. He is still slow to feed and sleepy so I imagine his weight gain will continue to be slow, but I have a little more confidence in myself now.

His cord has now fallen off and he is having a bath every couple of nights or so and having a bit of oil on his skin which has started to go a little dry. We have been out for little walks every day to build up my energy and strength and keep the girls entertained and he has been very well behaved!

Here are some pictures of his second week with us…


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