20 Week Scan

I am so late in posting this – we had our 20 week scan during half term week and everything looked perfect! It was so amazing to see how much bigger the baby had gotten and we took the girls with us so that they could see too. Bean was quite fascinated I think but Jelly Baby would have rather been anywhere else!

I am usually a sobbing mess at scans (previous loss will do that to you) but I was really brave for this one and didn’t cry until I came out! I just felt so lucky to have two beautiful children and another one on the way!

We didn’t find out what gender the baby is – I do really want to know, but only in the sense that I’d really like the baby to be here right now!! i’d have been disappointed in myself had I found out – although this means very little baby shopping is going on and we are going to forge ahead with a gender neutral nursery. Ah well, I’ll have to do some serious internet shopping when he / she is here!

So here is little Sprout…


We can’t wait to meet you! xx


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