5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Family Car In Good Condition

Have you ever heard people comment that those with a tidy house have a messy car? Well that’s true for me! Having three children means that my car is constantly on the go with school runs and after school activities. It is always really messy too because they just can’t keep tidy in the car! I’m sick of it so this September things are changing! I’m bringing in some changes to make sure that our car stays in good condition. It’s our only car and is really important to us so it is crucial that we keep it in good condition and running as well as we can. If you want to keep your family car in good condition read on!

Make sure it has a service and MOT

This sounds obvious but believe you me it’s easy to forget with the MOT is due. Keep a note in your calendar to remind you a month before it expires to give you the chance to make an appointment. Research the best place to get your MOT done by asking friends and family. You can get a MOT Test from companies like Ossett Tyre House. Also, make sure that you have your car serviced at the same time. This seems expensive but it makes sure that your car is running properly and safely and will lengthen the life of your car.

Have your car regularly valeted

When I was pregnant with my little boy I had the car professionally valeted. It costs me ¬£30 and I have it done 4 x a year if I can. It gets a really good clean inside and out and it always makes it look new again. I have it done at my local supermarket and when I come out with my weekly food shop it’s done. It’s so easy and well worth the money.

car wash

Keep it organised 

My car gets really messy because the kids have their stuff everywhere and leave their rubbish all over the floor. I’m going to invest in a car seat organiser so they can keep their drinks / snacks / books in there and not all over the floor. I’m also going to keep a sturdy bag in the car for all their rubbish so they know to put it in there and again, not all over the floor! I can then empty this every week easily instead of fishing rubbish out from under the seats.

Keep on top of maintenance

Even if you have your car serviced once a year you will still need to maintain it. Write a list of things that need to be checked once a month and make sure you do it every month. Things like checking the tyre threads and pressure and filling up the screen wash are easy to put off every month but really need doing.

Drive carefully!

This should go without saying but the better you drive the better condition your car will stay in. Don’t drive too fast and be careful when you’re parking so you don’t damage the tyres or alloys. Bad habits like riding the clutch can also wear parts of your car and cause the need for expensive repairs.

I hope these tips help you to keep your family car in good condition for a long time!

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