A Family Photo – January 2018

Well, January just flew by and here we are starting a year of family photos again! If you are new to this blog I take part in a monthly linky called Me and Mine where I share a picture of our whole family every month for the year. Honestly, I think if it wasn’t for this linky I wouldn’t manage to get any photos of the five of us – or indeed many with me in because I’m always behind the camera.

What I also love about taking these photos is it nearly always inspires a day out as I want to take a fun photo somewhere interesting! Last year I managed to take ten out of the twelve photos so the challenge this year is to get all twelve!

So here’s our first photo of the year! Taken on New Year’s Day just in our house, this is the best I could do to get everyone looking at the camera! Getting 5 people to look the right way is hard work! I do love these candid photos though, I hope they show the love and laughter that our family is all about. Crazy but fun!

family photo january 2018

I hope January has treated you well and February does too. We have a birthday and a little break away planned so we’re excited for the month ahead!


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