A Family Photo – September 2018

We managed to take our September photo just in the nick of time! September has been full of huge changes for us as a family, with Bean going up to secondary school, Miss J starting juniors and Little Boy going into reception full time. It’s meant I’ve had the days to myself to juggle housework and work work and I’m finally falling into a little routine, as is everybody else. It’s going well thank goodness!

It does seem like weekdays are busier though so weekends are normally packed with activities that the children are up to or just finishing all the house chores that didn’t get done in the week. We have been trying to take a weekend day here and there to spend together as a family having a nice day out though which I think is really important, especially now everyone is that little bit more independent and on their own during the week. It’s really nice to bring it all back to being together as a family with no other distractions a couple of times a month.

I’m also feeling keener than ever that the dynamic and routine will change again when the new baby arrives so I’m making the most of these carefree days while I can! This photo was taken on a family day out to Oakwood Theme Park at the weekend. We had a lovely day there and the sun shone and the autumn leaves were out. It was the perfect day – there will be a full review on the blog in the next couple of days if you are interested.

family photo september 2018

Have a great October everyone, I can’t wait to get the pumpkin shots next month!


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