A Day in Techniquest Cardiff Bay

This summer we have been having so much fun, getting out and about and doing things, visiting places, learning lots and making new memories. I’ve tried to keep it a fun balance of relaxing and fun whilst throwing a little education in here and there.

A couple of weeks ago we visited Techniquest in Cardiff Bay. It’s quite local to us so we have been a few times (I last went on Little Boy’s birthday) but it’s a while since the girls went so we were really excited to be invited there to review the place for summer.

If you aren’t local and haven’t been or heard about it, Techniquest is basically a hands-on science museum for kids (and their grown ups!). The whole place is child friendly and geared completely for children. They can walk around, touch every exhibit, play, explore, learn and have fun. There are always members of staff dotted around who will talk to you about different displays and explain them for you and every exhibit has a written description of the science behind it.

At 9 Bean is in her element here. She heads off to explore on her own which is great and because the can read she is able to learn so much by playing and exploring. Little Miss J is 5 so she is very able to explore herself but it is useful if I hover nearby to explain things to her as and when. I didn’t use our time there as  massive science lesson, I just let them play and explained a few interesting things to them as we went along.

I didn’t take Little Boy this time but he loves it here too and runs around touching things and playing. I’m sure he learns so much through playing here.

As I didn’t have Little Boy with me I felt more able to go and see one of the shows that run throughout the day. We wanted to see the Splendiferous Science show which is running over the summer but the timings didn’t work out as I had to get Little Boy from nursery so we went for the Star Tours show which was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself! The night sky was shown to us and explained by a lovely girl in their Planetarium and it was really interactive and you could ask as many questions as you wanted which was brilliant for the children. I would definitely recommend it. I’m going to have to try to head down again to catch the Splendiferous Science show before it’s run ends on the 4th September.

There is so much to see there you can spend a whole day and when you enter you are given wristbands which mean you are free to come and go as you please all day. I would spend the morning there and head into the Bay for a spot of lunch and a wander around then head back to Techniquest for an hour or so. They do have an on-site cafe though if you wanted to stay there.

So if you are looking for something to do in Cardiff on a rainy day, or any day in fact, Techniquest is a great bet. We made a little video of our day there so you can really see how hands on the place is.

Disclosure – we were given free entry for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


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    really nice post I love it. It is nice to read about Cardiff and places in Cardiff. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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