Displaying Christmas Cards

Every year I struggle with an idea to display our christmas cards that is unique and pretty but also doesn’t take up too much space or get in the way.

This year I was looking for something to decorate the upstairs landing when I looked at the blank wall and thought how perfect it would be to display our christmas cards. So, old school style I went out and got some white tack (the stuff that won’t mark the paint on your walls) and stuck the cards up, one by one in a random style. As new cards arrived, the bigger the wall display got. Bean helped me with this and she really enjoyed rolling little white tack balls and sticking the cards to the wall. We white tacked the cards closed so that we could close them to make the display neater but could still pop them open if we wanted to read them.

This display was such a talking point and looked great and was so cheap and easy to do. Next year I plan on doing the same, except maybe have it downstairs so more people can enjoy the beautiful cards.

Christmas card display ideas


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