DIY Silver Glitter Mirror

As part of my recent frantic re-decorating of the house before the summer I re-modelled the dining room to make it a light airy space where we enjoy spending time and eating (difficult with a child with SED).

We have had a large wood framed mirror in the dining room since we moved in – it was left by the previous owners. Here it is in the before picture…


It is a great mirror and really brightens the space so I wanted to keep it, but I needed to do something to it to make it fit with the new decor.

I decided that to make it coordinate with the other pictures on the adjoining picture wall it needed to be silver, and if you are going for silver, why not full on glittery silver?!

I heart glitter

The DIY on this was easy and really cheap and you could do it with any mirror really. First I masked off the mirror with masking tape and then painted on the silver paint. This took 4 or 5 coats, I lost count, but it was easy really – even Bean helped me. Once it was silvery enough I did one last coat with silver glitter glue – this stuff is really great, lots of glitter but without any of  the mess!

And there you have it – one shiny sparkly mirror – and it really helps to make the space brighter don’t you think?

DIY Silver Glitter Mirror


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