Dressing Boys (In Association with USPA Kids)

We were gifted the t-shirt and shirt featured in this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

When I had a boy after two girls I did wonder how I would dress him. I didn’t really know what sort of style to go for or what he suited and I was so unused to looking for boys clothes I didn’t really know what to look for.

Fast forward nearly 4 years and I’ve found my boy clothes groove! Now I love looking at boys clothing and shopping for the little man is a breeze!

I have two go-to looks for him. The first is really comfy play wear. He’s very boisturous and loves to play on the floor, climbing things and throwing himself down a slide. Play clothing has to be comfortable, strong, durable and flexible. I also like to put him in a bright t-shirt or coat if we are going out so that I can easily see him as he never wants to stay close to me!

The other look is a smarter, everyday look. Clean, basic colours and classic style. This look really suits him and he looks so cute and smart. We go for neutral colours like whites, greys and navy which makes mixing and matching really easy. A nice smart pair of jeans is also nice with a smarter t-shirt or shirt. It’s also really important that he is comfy so we always choose soft, breathable fabrics and again clothes that are durable!

We were recently sent a couple of pieces to try from the US Polo Assn. Kids Spring Summer 2018 collection. We chose a classic grey polo shirt and another classic, a white long sleeve shirt. I thought that both would be perfect for summer, both in the daytime and evening.

The polo shirt is great because it’s really comfy, soft and breathable and looks classic with a pair of jeans or dressed up a little with trousers.

Similarly the white shirt is so soft and perfect for summer evenings and dinners outside on a warm evening. I love the classic white colour, it’s so classy and goes with everything, from jeans to trousers to shorts.

USPA have some great kids clothes, you can take a look at the range online here.

I haven’t been sharing many fashion posts lately but I want that to change. I’m always buying new bits of clothes for me and the kiddies and I definitely should get around to showcasing them on here more! Do let me know if you want to see more of these types of posts! 


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