Easy Tutu Tutorial

easy tutu tutorial

This halloween the girls wanted to be cats and Bean wanted me to make her costume. I’m not too bad at sewing but I’ve been so busy with orders for the shop that I didn’t have time to make something elaborate so I decided on black tops and leggings combined with a cute black tutu and some eyeliner whiskers!

I made the tutu’s myself – they cost next to nothing – the net was 99p a metre and the elastic I had in my craft stash and only cost a pound or so. I used 2 metre’s of net for Bean’s and 1 metre for Jelly Baby’s but I could easily have used more to make them fuller.

I also made one of these for me in white (I was a ghost!) so that is why the pictures show white net! For a more luxury feel of skirt use the more expensive tulle.

  • Firstly measure how long you want the skirt to be. You will want 1 inch strips of net which are twice that length. I folded my net and cut it with a rotary cutter.
  • Measure around the waist of your little one and cut the elastic to size. Knot it into a circle.
  • Knot the net strips around the elastic using a slip knot (make a loop and pull the ends through. Make sure it ties around the elastic.
  • Carry this on for the length of the elastic. Bunch the tied on knots up for a fuller look.


  1. Kim Carberry
    November 5, 2013 / 12:56 pm

    Aww what a fab idea! Too cute x

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