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When you’ve got a family it can be hard to know how to redecorate your home with your kids in mind. Ultimately you need something that will stand the test of time and give your kids a run for their money whether that be a chaotic dinner or a messy bath. It comes as no surprise that tiles are an excellent option. Not only are they easy to clean but they look gorgeous and give your home both style and practicality.

The team at Tile Monkey are here to help and offer their advice as to which tile is best for the family home. Ultimately you’re after a tile that in strong, durable, easy to clean and comes in a huge range of styles and designs. That’s why they would recommend the ceramic tile. We all know that your bank account takes a dent when you have a family which is where the ceramic tile has an edge on other tile types. An old favourite, the ceramic tile is often the cheapest tile you can buy on the market today making your redecorating project that little bit less painful.

Here are the top three reasons why ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for your family home.

  1. Moisture Resistant: Although a little obvious, this is an excellent feature of the ceramic tile. It’s crucially important that your tiles are waterproof as this means you can safely install them in any kitchen or bathroom to make those spillages and playtime antics safe for your home. The way ceramic tiles are manufactured makes them non-porous and impervious to water – perfect!
  2. Durability: Predictably you’ve probably considered that you need an incredibly strong material that can withstand and trips, falls or toy drops. With the amount that kids are running around and causing general mayhem in the home, some materials like carpets would wear down very quickly. Luckily, ceramic tiles can withstand heavy traffic and impacts without damaging. Renowned for their strength, ceramic tiles won’t let you down and it’s strength will prove itself through the many years of use you will get out your tiles.
  3. Easy to Maintain: Unfortunately, nothing is maintenance free, especially when you factor in your kids! Fortunately, ceramic tiles are incredibly easy to clean needing only warm soapy water and a mop or sponge to maintain their gorgeous look. This will save you so much time as messes are simply wiped away ready for the next one.

As previously mentioned, ceramic tiles are highly manufactured and as a result they are available in nearly any and every colour and style. The design of the tile is what makes your house a home. It’s a chance to personalise and design your home exactly how you want. One tile trend in particular to come out of this year is the metro tile. A ceramic metro tile will give you a retro-chic look for that glamorous, vintage aesthetic. Your family bathroom doesn’t have to be boring or ‘standard’. You have total freedom with a ceramic tile to create an infinite number of looks. While the ceramic tile is most definitely practical, its also beautifully stylish, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Family friendly tiles





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