A Family Photo – August 2017

I’m so sad that I’ve missed the last two months family photos, life has just been so busy and we haven’t managed to find the time to get out to take them. I’m really annoyed with myself so I’m definitely going to make more effort in the coming months.

We did manage to get a photo for August though – woo hoo! We had a lovely little break camping with Little Miss J’s class at school. I’m not a natural camper but we’ve been going with her class for 3 years now and this year we finally bought our own tent instead of borrowing one. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to take some more little camping trips now we own our very own tent!

So I managed to get one of our friends to take a photo of all of us with our tent! I think it might be one of our only family photos that hasn’t involved me balancing the camera on something because yet again I forgot the tripod!


I already have plans for next month’s photo so fingers crossed I’ll be more on track for the rest of the year, I do love taking them!


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