A Family Photo – October 2017

Every year I try to get a pumpkin themed photo shoot in and totally fail! I then spend weeks looking at everyone else’s gorgeous photos and wishing I had some of my own.

But not this year! I made it to find some pumpkins! I had a tip off from a friend and found a little place that had pumpkins on display (and it was free!).

We took one of Little Miss J’s school friends there so I could get some photos of her for her parents and I tasked her with holding the camera. I set the timer and she held it up (one day I’ll remember my tripod!).

We’ve had a really lovely autumn so far, enjoying some trips outside whilst the weather is not too cold. I also took this photo on a walk to the beach at sunset. The quality isn’t great as it was taken on my phone in the dark but I loved the colours in the sky. Definitely one of those times that I wish I had taken my big camera with me!

We’re finishing off October with a little family trip to London – I can’t wait for some more family time! I hope you had a great October and that November brings lots of fun and happiness.


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