Firmoo Glasses Review

Wearing glasses is an expensive business. Glasses and lenses aren’t cheap, add to that eye tests and contact lenses and it turns out it is expensive to have defective eyesight!

My poor husband has been walking around with broken glasses for about two years now! One arm of his glasses is different to the other because we had to do a makeshift repair on them as we couldn’t afford the £200 plus for new glasses at the time.

Recently I’ve been made aware of a great alternative to expensive glasses. Firmoo is a website where you can order very reasonably priced glasses and sunglasses. I was asked to order a pair to review and so I did!

Choosing the glasses was actually quite easy – there were lots of stylish glasses to choose from – and a daily new styles page. The website has a great feature where you can see the glasses on different faces or even upload your own photo to see what they would look like on you. It is difficult to not see exactly what you look like when trying them on but it worked out well for us as we were really impressed by the style my husband chose and how well they suited him.

You just ask your optician for your prescription and you need to measure the distance between your pupils (or ask your optician to do that) and you are ready to order your glasses.

I was really impressed with the speed of delivery from Firmoo, as they were coming from overseas but they arrived within a couple of days and were very well packaged and came with a great case, glasses cleaning wipe and even a tiny screwdriver – every glasses wearer knows that these are amazing to have!

IMG_2450 IMG_2452

Including delivery the glasses cost £29 – an absolute bargain! My husband was really happy with them. They are a little more flimsy than his usual glasses and the focus on the very edges of the lenses was not great but for such a great price they are a very reasonable way of getting your prescription glasses for much cheaper than normal.

I think if we had all the money in the world we would go to a regular optician, but who does?! So these are a great budget option, especially for those people who buy the cheap varying lenses you see in shops as this way your prescription is accurate so saving yourself eye strain and pain.

Firmoo are offering 15% off too if you follow this link.

Disclosure – I was sent a voucher code to order these glasses for the purposes of this review.


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