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Our house has huge windows. I mean massive! We look out over the beach so when we put new double glazing in we wanted to make the most of the view so we have full width windows which are fabulous. However, they do take a bit of cleaning, especially being by the sea they can get grubby quite quickly. I also like them to be nice and shiny because when people come over, the first thing they do is look at the view out of the window so I like the glass to be clean.

My normal window cleaning routine is an arduous one and involves washing the windows and then rinsing them with a vinegar solution before buffing with newspaper. It used to take ages and I would put it off as much as I could!

However, this week we were sent a Vileda Windowmatic vac to review and it has revolutionised my window cleaning life!

vileda windowmatic


I’ll admit that I used to look at gadgets like these and wonder who bought them. Well I can tell you, clever people buy them! The price also put me off. At £49.99 it fell into the ‘nice to have but not essential’ category for me. But let me tell you, I cleaned my windows with plain old washing up liquid and water for the first time ever, without needing to buy vinegar or a special spray and without getting through half a roll of kitchen roll and two newspapers. I pay our window cleaner £20 every two months so using this would pay for itself in under 6 months.

It was so easy to use, I just wiped over my windows with a cloth and hot soapy water and the vac sucked up all the water. It is just like using a regular squeegy but the water is sucked up and it genuinely leaves no streaks.


At the end you just empty the dirty water out of the compartment and leave it to dry. It charges via the mains so it can be ready to go when you are.



I honestly absolutely loved this product and I’ll be using it lots as it really made cleaning the windows an absolute breeze compared to normal. The only negative I have is that the on/off button is right on the handle so I accidentally knocked it off a couple of times. I’m sure when I get used to it that won’t happen though.

You can pop the water tank in the dishwasher so it is easily cleaned and you can also use the Vileda Windowmatic for more than cleaning windows – it will quickly and easily suck up spills too – I am sure we will put it to good use in our house as Little Boy is forever spilling (or throwing) his drink!

I made a little video of us opening the box and using the Vileda Windowmatic so you can see what it is like to use.

Disclosure – we were gifted the Vileda Windowmatic for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 



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  1. December 21, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    Oh gosh that looks great!!! My window cleaning routine is exactly the same as your old one, and we have loads of windows at home. I absolutely hate that chore! Will have to look for the Windowmatic

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