Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn & Winter

Autumn is well and truly here, which feels like a bit of a shame because we didn’t have much of a summer. We had our garden landscaped over the summer so I feel like it’s important to keep it in good condition over the winter period by preparing it for the oncoming autumn and winter. Here are my tips for getting our garden ready for autumn and winter.

Cover your garden furniture

Cover or bring in your garden furniture. You won’t be using it in the colder months so make sure any cushions are brought inside and the furniture properly covered. If you had a barbecue out, put it in the garage or in a shed to save it from rusting.

Tidy plants and grass

Give your lawn one last mow before the wet weather and use a strimmer on the the edges. Prune your plants ready for winter and tidy any flowerbeds, removing any weeds. Cover any plants that might not survive a cold winter frost.

Get rid of leaves

If you have trees around your property you will no doubt be fed up of raking leaves in the autumn. It’s an important thing to do though because if they gather and mould over the winter, they won’t be a pretty sight. You could invest in a leaf blower from SGS to take some of the hard work out of this job.

Lag your pipes

If you have pipes exposed they might be prone to freezing. Make sure that they are well insulated so that they don’t burst.

Make a useable area

It’s a shame to let your garden go to waste just because the weather is cooler. Clear a space so that your children can still run around outside on sunny days, or make a snowman if we are lucky enough to get snow. You could always put up an outdoor heater and make a nice warm seating area for people to head outside to if you are having a Christmas party. You could light the area with pretty outdoor lights so it looks nice in the dark.

Do you have any tips for getting your garden ready for autumn and winter?

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Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn & Winter
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