Headband and Hairclip Holders Tutorial

hairclip holder tutorial

With two girls in the house we have headbands and hair clips everywhere! Until now they were in my bedroom in a big pot but I was fed up of walking in and finding them everywhere, and losing hair clip pairs.

I’d seen lots of tutorials from the US making headband holders out of oat boxes, but we don’t have those over here so I improvised with a kitchen roll!

You will need…

  • Two kitchen rolls
  • Fabric
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Kitchen Roll Holders

Firstly cut your fabric to size so that it will wrap around your kitchen roll. Allow for a good bit of overhang at the ends as this is where you will want to tuck it in.


Glue the fabric to the kitchen roll and glue the ends into the ends of the tubes.










For the headband holder glue a line of ribbon down to cover the seam. Glue and tuck the ends  in.


For the hair clip holder do the same as above but also add some extra ribbon strips, this time making sure only to glue the very top and bottom of the strips so that you can clip your clips on.


Place them on pretty kitchen roll holders so they stand up and voila – functional and pretty!



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