How do I keep the family home safe when we’re on holiday?

As a parent planning a family holiday, it can be incessantly stressful. But ultimately it’ll all be worth it the moment you step off that plane and the warm air hits you and you take a sip from that well earned cocktail. But you have a lot of work to do before that happens; including finding the right resort or villa, sorting a budget, getting all the passports together, sorting out your travel insurance and travel medical protection – but, have you thought about how secure your home will be while you’re away?

Don’t worry – read on for some simple, straight forward and common sense advice for keeping your home, and everything in it, safe while you’re enjoying your holiday.

Ask for help

This one is so simple, because it’s free! If there’s a neighbour you trust or several then ask them to keep an eye on your property while you’re away, they’ll certainly make a note of any suspicious behaviour around your house. Give them the number of a family member to contact if they have concerns and they’ll certainly let them know. Or, if you prefer get a family member to move the family car’s position on the driveway a couple of times a week or move the mounting pile of post by the door.

Hide temptation

Kids tablets, your laptop, camera, fancy electrical items, all these things look very tempting to a thief looking for an opportunity. Not only that, they might start to wonder what other high ticket items you have in the house. So, before you travel, take some time to hide all your expensive items so that they cannot be seen by someone looking through the window.

Move your car keys!

We all usually place the car keys by the front door, so we can scoop them up as we dash out to work and the school run. But it take little effort for a thief with a fishing rod and a magnet to pick them up through the letterbox. If you’re going on holiday, move them well away from the door – or even stick them in a drawer so they’re well out of sight.

house keys

Don’t be afraid to leave it messy

No one wants to come back to a messy house, which is why many of us make an effort to clean and tidy up before we head off on our travels. But if you want to make your house look occupied, toys left out, books here and there and the TV remote on the arm of the sofa will look more convincing than clear kitchen counters and spotless table tops.

Think like a thief

Take a look at the outside of your property and try to see it from an intruders point of view. If you were trying to get in, what would you go for first? The dodgy back window? The garden gate with the broken lock? If something isn’t up to scratch sort it now before you go on holiday.

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How do I keep the family home safe when we’re on holiday?


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