How Parents Can Finally Kick Their Smoking Habit and Set a Good Example for Their Kids

Are you desperate to stop smoking and set a good example for your kids? Nicotine addiction is definitely one of the hardest to break, but it is totally possible. Maybe you’ve tried to quit before, but you failed so you’re reluctant to try again?

The truth is, the majority of smokers try and fail to quit an average of 8-11 times before they actually succeed. It’s tough, but the good news is these days there are so many quit-smoking aids to make it easier. Here, we’ll look at how parents can finally kick their smoking habit and set a good example for their kids.

Make a plan and get prepared

The first thing you’ll need to do before you can kick the habit, is make a plan and get prepared for the quit. It’s important to recognise your triggers, so start by simply recording every cigarette you smoke for a week. Write down the time you smoked, how bad the craving was and what you were doing at the time. This will help you to uncover any patterns you may have developed and give you a good idea of the triggers you need to work on.

Come up with a list of things you can do instead of smoking. These should include anything which takes your mind off the craving. Then, set a quitting date. Having a date in mind will really help you to get prepared.

Take advantage of quit smoking aids

Although many people have succeeded at the “cold turkey” approach, it’s undeniably the most difficult way to quit. These days, there’s a huge number of aids available to help make quitting smoking easier.

One of the most successful tools which has helped thousands of people to quit, is the e-cig. They’ve come a long way since they were first introduced and there’s so many different varieties out there. You can pick up high-quality e-cigarettes at an affordable cost from responsible companies such as VIP Premium Vaping and E-liquids.

Get Support

Even with the right tools, you’re going to need support. This could be from friends, family or even online support groups. There are so many places you can turn to for support these days so there’s no need to try and go it alone.

Overall, quitting smoking is tough, especially when you’re a busy parent trying to get through one day to the next. However, the benefits of quitting far outweigh the negatives. Imagine having so much more energy and feeling healthier every day.





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