How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Ok, I’ll confess, I have a thing about cleanliness. I do like my home to be clean, and as tidy as I can. I think cleanliness is really important to me since having children as I like to limit the chances of them getting ill and there’s always a bug or virus going around at school so if we can limit it spreading at home then so much the better.

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I’m not just particular about having a clean house, there are other things that I like to keep clean, my make up brushes being one. I hate the thought of all the germs being stuck on there for months and wiping them over your face each day! Every month I take ten minutes to give them all a wash, my make up always goes on much better when they are nice and clean too.

 It seems like a chore but it really is very easy to do. I wash mine in anti-bacterial washing up liquid as this degreases them (especially brushes and sponges which you use for foundation and other oily products). It also kills off any bacteria that might be lingering on them. I then wash them again in a gentle baby shampoo or wash which leaves them smelling lovely and nice and soft too. I pat them dry with a clean towel and leave them on top of the towel on the radiator to dry. They need to be dried thoroughly so you can use them again the next day and so mould doesn’t grow on them.

It’s so important to clean your brushes regularly, especially if you are prone to spots as the germs that these brushes harbour will not do your skin any favours. I use this as an opportunity to go through my make up bag and give it a tidy up, throwing away anything past it’s use by date and giving my make up bag a little wipe over with some antibacterial spray and kitchen roll. have put together a great little video on little tips for cleaning your make up brushes everyday…

Do you have a cleaner or a cleaning routine? I’d love to know how you organise your everyday cleaning.

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how to clean your make up brushes

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