How to fold T-Shirts

As you will remember from the end of last year, I am very into organising and getting the house in order. You saw me organise my bedroom wardrobes, and now I’m going to show you how I organised my chest of drawers, where I keep my t-shirts and jumpers.

I found this great post on about folding T-shirts and stacking them. This seemed like a great idea to me as I often organise my drawers but because my tops were all stacked on top of each other, after a couple of weeks of pullings things in and out it would get really messy and it was also difficult to see everything that I had to wear.

I have a lot of little tops so I folded and rolled these and stood them up on end and packed them into the drawer. I folded bigger t shirts and jumpers the way shown in the video link above. I didn’t use the folding tool obviously, you can do the same fold without, just a little bit slower. I then stacked my jumpers in line that way. It is FAB. Granted it doesn’t look overly tidy but it is for me and best of all, I can easily see all the tops that I have, and get them out and put them back without messing everything up. It is really great.


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