How to keep your engagement ring safe if you’re active

How to keep your engagement ring safe if you’re active

When I got engaged one of the things I was most worried about was keeping my engagement ring safe. It is one of the most expensive single items that I own so I wanted to make sure that I kept it safe.

The precious stones in diamond rings are hardy, but there are still precautions you should take to prevent damage to the ring band or dirt build up. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when it comes to keeping that important jewellery piece safe:

Remove the ring altogether

You could just take off the ring altogether while you are taking part in an activity that may damage it. Place it back in its ring box to protect it from damage and tuck it away in a safe place.

Leave it behind

It is really stressful to lose your ring if you are abroad, much more so than if you are at home or at work. If you are heading abroad and the ring doesn’t quite fit correctly – ensure you get it looked at if it is loose – then it might be a better idea to pop it back in its box and tuck it away in a safe place, such as the back of the wardrobe or drawer.

Insure your ring

It’s a good idea to keep your ring protected via insurance; should you lose it or it gets damaged it’s important you have a way of getting a replacement or a repair. Diamond rings cost a significant amount, so ensure yours is covered.

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Place the ring on a chain

If you do not have access to a safe place, then slipping your ring onto a necklace chain and wearing it around your neck is another way to store it while hands are active. This could be when playing squash with friends in the evening or even if you head out for a run and don’t want the band to get too tight, as you warm up from exerting yourself.

Wear protective gloves

If you can’t bear to be apart from that precious piece of jewellery, then ensure you wear gloves while being active to not only protect the ring but also your finger too. If you work on a construction site, warehouse or factory then you are generally required to remove all jewellery. However, if you are simply heading to the gym to lift weights a pair of training gloves will not only protect the ring band from scuffing against the weights but also ensure your hands don’t end up calloused!

In the run up to the big day, and forever more, ensure you carefully consider your engagement ring whatever activity you are taking part in. Keep it safe, clean it often, insure it and always pop back to the jeweller it was purchased from for an inspection to ensure it is still in good order.

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Keep your engagement ring safe

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