How To Make Your Pet Instagram Famous

Instagram is huge right now and everyone who is anyone has an account and is sharing pictures online for all to see. The craze has even gone so far as to pets having their own Instagram accounts and there are several well known pets who have become Instagram famous, to the extent that they even have merchandise available to buy – like calendars and mugs etc.

Do you have a good looking pet that you think could make it big on Instagram? Read on for some great tips!

Find something special or unique about your pet – do they like getting dressed up or can they perform tricks? You need a unique selling point and something that is going to make you stand out to grab people’s attention on Instagram.

Take great photos – it won’t matter how cute or unique your pet is if the photo quality isn’t good – make sure your photos are uncluttered and are shot in good light. It is important to think about your set up before you take the shot. You don’t have to use a camera, many phones have excellent cameras now and will do the job perfectly.

Be consistent – it is important for Instagram’s algorithm that you post regularly and at the same time of day – consistency is key! It’s worth taking a few photos at once so that you have some ready to post every day, even if you don’t have the time to take one that day.

Use hashtags and engage with others – one of the best ways to get your account noticed is to use hashtags that are appropriate for your niche, such as #pugstagram for pugs! Click through the relevant hashtags and interact with similar accounts, you’ll raise awareness of your account and may even make some new online friends.

I’ve teamed up today with who have produced this great infographic full of ideas on how to make your pet instagram famous, as well as some top tips from experts in this field. I’m sure if you are putting together an Instagram account for your pet you will find some invaluable advice here.



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How To Make Your Pet Instagram Famous


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