How To Take Instagram Photos Of Your Car

Instagram is huge at the moment and it seems that everyone has an account – it’s definitely the new Facebook! I quite often see people when I’m out and about snapping things on their phone in a certain way and you just know that it’s going to be a picture that will end up on Instagram.

The thing that I love about Instagram is going through and looking at all the beautiful pictures. It’s quite often a glorified and prettier version of real life but as long as you know that and recognise it, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.

One of the wonderful things about Instagram is all the different niches you will find on there. There is literally something for everyone. I upload pictures of family life, and pretty things that I see when I’m out and about but there are different niches and accounts for everyone. The trick is to find a hashtag that shows something you like, follow it and you can spend hours clicking through to all sorts of accounts that you will love.

I’m working with a budget tyres company Tyre City on this post and they have produced this great infographic on how to take instagram worthy photos of your car. My car being a family wagon isn’t particularly instagram worthy but I would love to get a new car soon that is a bit more glamorous! A nice Audi for me in the future would be great, but I was surprised to see the old faithful Ford Focus make the most instagrammed cars list!

Many of these tips of course translate into taking photos of other things. My favourite tip is to utilise the golden hour, that time when the light is softer. Location is also really important, as is good editing skills which are important to brighten shots and make colours pop. It’s also good to have a theme running through your instagram grid so bear this in mind when setting up for a photo and editing it afterwards too.

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How To Take Instagram Photos Of Your Car


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