It’s never too late to date

I met my husband when I was 23, just out of university and we moved in together and started a family by the time I was 25 and I was married at 27. I never really had time to worry about the future and whether I would find the right person, I was just lucky that it happened.

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Photo by adwinda at

 Now I am a bit older most of my friends are married and with children. Only the odd couple remain who are still single and I know that it is a big worry for them. Most people want to settle down and find someone to share their lives with but it can be stressful when it takes a while to find that person.

I’m also reaching that age where the first of my friends are starting to split up and get divorced which is sad. It must be really hard starting from scratch, but this time with a family of little children in tow and a permanent tie to your ex.

My mum split up from my Dad when we were only little and she never dated anyone else. I always felt sad for her that she never got to share her life with someone and have somebody other than friends. It’s nice to have someone to lean on who you know will support you through thick and thin.

One of my friends recently dappled in dating websites, to varying degrees of success but I was really pleased that he took the plunge. I think I should encourage my mum more. Dating websites weren’t around when we were younger but now they even have specialised sites so she could look at an over 50 dating website to find her perfect match!

 My mother in law got married at 60 so it definitely can happen!

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