Let’s talk about self-care

Are you familiar with the term self care? Simply put, self-care is any activity we do in order to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Good self-care is vital if you want to live an anxiety reduced life, and a life that is full and happy. If we’re feeling low or stressed we usually turn to something that will give us an instant lift or mood boost – whether that’s a glass of wine, booking a holiday or treating ourselves to one of the best designer bags on trend right now. But have you ever considered that if you up your self-care game, you might not need to splurge or risk your physical health for a quick mood boost?

This new year, why not make self care a priority and see how much it can improve your life? Implementing these actions every day is super easy and usually comes at very little cost! Unsure of where to start? Try these simple ideas first.

Edit your social media feed

It’s all too easy to get sucked in on social media. Whether it’s friends, old acquaintances or work colleagues from another lifetime, we all become unwillingly engrossed in watching the lives of others unfold on social media. This might be good in small doses, but it can quickly have a negative impact on your own life. If you follow certain pages on topics and subjects you’re passionate about, then reading negative or abusive comments from strangers can really have a negative effect on your mental health. Luckily, you can “snooze” or mute certain pages on social media, who knows you might not even miss those pages!

Do a mini de-clutter

You know what they say, a tidy house = a tidy mind. But that’s easier said than done if you have little ones running around. So, why not do a little decluttering every month? You can make a start on those old knick-knacks that you don’t like, all those old clothes in the wardrobe that make you feel miserable, and anything else that’s just redundant.

Let’s talk about self-care.

Help someone

Whether it’s offering to carry a heavy bag, opening a door for someone, giving to charity, offering help to a homeless person or something else, giving help to a stranger will give you such a positive boost, you’ll simply want to do it more often!

Enjoy nature

They say getting out into nature helps to reduce your stress levels and lowers your heart rate. So, make the effort to spend as little as ten minutes surrounded by nature every day. That could be a walk in the park at lunch time, a morning coffee in the garden or a nice afternoon at the weekend at a local beauty spot.

Let’s talk about self-care.

We rarely get enough sleep. So to tackle that sleep debt, try taking a twenty minute nap. Try not to leave it too late to catch some extra Z’s though – you don’t want to disturb your natural sleeping pattern. Try napping earlier in the day.


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