Monster Jam Review Cardiff 2016

Monster Jam Review

To end our summer holidays with a bang we headed into Cardiff’s Principality Stadium to be treated to a day of noise and monster trucks at Monster Jam. I’d never really seen or heard much about Monster Jam but Bean saw the posters for it and really wanted to go so it was really lucky we were invited to review the show and I’m so glad that we said yes.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the show so we headed there with an open mind. I was lucky that my blogging friend Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says was also going and she mentioned getting ear defenders for the children and I must say I was really pleased we did. You can order them online off Amazon but we picked ours up from B&Q. They were definitely worth it as it was very noisy there.

We headed in for about one o’clock to catch the end of the Party in The Pitts. This is a great part of the day where the trucks and drivers are all out in the stadium for you to see and walk around. You can even queue to speak to the drivers and get their autographs. A real must for die-hard fans. The girls loved seeing the trucks up close and it really gave you a sense of just how huge they are! A word of warning though, it is a little muddy. I was quite fascinated to see that they must use a special sort of mud because it wasn’t the usual wet kind, it was more like a thick putty.



After the party in the pitts we were really lucky to be invited up to the clubhouse for an exclusive meet and greet with two of the drivers. I can’t tell you how much of a special experience that was and Little Miss J fell in love a little bit with the Medusa driver and cheered her on the entire time in the main show.


When it was time for the show itself to start we took our seats and put our ear defenders and ear plugs in and enjoyed the show. Little Boy absolutely loved the start – I don’t think that he could believe his eyes and he sat there utterly fascinated for ages. It’s quite rare that he ever sits still so he must have been enjoying it!


The girls loved the action and were cheering on the cars that they wanted to win. The atmosphere was awesome and although we were new to Monster Jam we started to get really into it! I can see why the show has so many die hard fans – one lady in the audience had even come from Australia to see it!


Hubby and I really enjoyed it too – the stunts that they pull in these massive machines are amazing – and the cross bike riders seemed to have no sense of danger at all!



All in all it was a fantastic day out and I’d definitely recommend it,  not only to fans but to everyone, we had a great time!

Here are my top tips if you are heading to Monster Jam next time…

  • Take ear defenders. It is really noisy and it can scare some children as it is so loud without them. They do sell them there, but they are much cheaper to buy at home.
  • Wear sensible shoes if you are going to the Party in the Pitts!
  • Eat before you go because food on site is quite expensive and not the best quality.
  • Your tickets say that you can’t take food and drink in with you, but I did see some people had managed it. They do search your bag on the way in though.
  • Leave as soon as it is finished so you beat the rush out of the stadium. Or stay a while until the crowds disperse. It gets really busy.

As usual we made a little video of our day out so you can see for yourselves what a fab day out it was!


Disclosure – we were given VIP tickets to Monster Jam in exchange for our honest review. 


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