A New Skincare Routine with Skinn

I’ve recently been looking at photos of myself and not liking what I’m seeing. I’m 35 now and although I don’t think I look bad for my age, I’ve started to see the tell tale signs of ageing. The results of working too much, being too stressed and having 3 children are showing on my skin now and I’m looking tired, puffy and lined.

I don’t mind growing older but I’d like to slow down the effects on my face and body! I’ve been a bit lax with a proper skincare routine while I’ve had children but I’m bringing it back now and the difference it’s made to my skin already is brilliant.

I was sent a whole range of products to try out by Skinn one of America’s biggest beauty brands – only available exclusively in the UK through Ideal World TV. The products are a great size and packaged in a really lovely way, they are also great quality, I can see why they are big in America!

I’ve been spending longer on my bedtime skin routine in an effort to make more time for myself and look after my skin. I’ve been removing my eye make up with eye make up remover before washing my face with a mild soap and flannel. I’ve then been cleaning off any residual traces of make up with micellar water before embarking on a moisturising mission.

The first thing I smooth on is this Stem Rejen Elite face serum (£44.99). Suitable for use day and night it is formulated with three new active ingredients, Glacier Water, Snow Algae Powder and Alpine Rose. Glacier Water, an active found in the glaciers of the Swiss Alps helps to keep skin moisturised. Snow Algae Powder helps to increase the longevity of skin’s smooth and radiant appearance. Alpine Rose, a powder based on the stem cells of alpine rose leaves, helps to enhance skin’s natural vitality and fortifies the skin’s barrier function, allowing skin’s exterior to cope better with climate changes.

It’s nice and creamy and really sinks into my skin before I follow it with a thick layer of the Skinn 24 Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite (£34.99). This contains Capryloyl Salicylic Acid to assist with skin’s natural top-layer cell turnover without irritation as well as pure active plant cells to revitalise skin, revealing a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

This cream is thick and luxurious but not at all sticky. I put a thick layer on and it sinks in beautifully. My skin has been so much nicer since I have started this little routine and it’s lovely spending 5 minutes treating myself each evening.

For really dry patches of skin I’ve been popping a little of the Collagenesis Rose Noir Anhydrous Relief Balm on. It’s really rich and buttery and has really helped with the fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead.

I’ve also been using the Skinn Heel Balm on my feet at night. It comes in a great applicator tube so you can apply it directly to your feet and it has a gorgeous orange smell. It’s helped my feet stay smooth and soft for summer sandals this year!

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a new skincare routine with skinna new skincare routine with skinn


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