Outdoor Hands Intense Handcream Review

As a mum you wash your hands a lot. You wash them after nappy changes and before preparing food. You wash them after wiping snotty noses and after playgroup. You wash them after handling pets and after visiting the park and having to hold numerous stones and sticks gathered on your walk. All this hand washing is necessary to try to avoid picking up too many germs but it does take it’s toll on your hands. My hands have been under extra strain lately too as we have been decorating the house and all the painting and sanding and unpacking of boxes has made my poor hands dry and rough.

I hate having horrible hands and I find it really tough to find a hand cream that actually does what it says it will do. Normally they smell nice and feel great for a short while but they don’t actually solve the dry hand problem.

I was sent some Outdoor Hands Intense Skin Therapy Cream to try out recently. I was tempted by it because it is paraben free which is a choice that I am trying to make with more products lately as I worry about all the chemicals I am exposing my family too.

outdoor hands

The cream is made in England and boasts that it is made for some hardworking trades – builders, cleaners, farmers etc. – all occupations where hands must suffer due to the nature of the work. I’d definitely include mums on that list!

The bottle isn’t the most stylish or pretty. It has modern edge but looks more like a medical cream than a pretty beauty product. But while it may not look particularly pretty on your bedside table, it certainly does the job it claims to. It has a lovely thick consistency and nice fresh smell. It is really quickly absorbed but is not at all greasy. And it absolutely helped to sort my dry hands out. I’ve even used it on my feet they are in need of some desperate TLC before the toes come out for summer!

Outdoor Hands retails at £6.95 for a decent 100ml tube which will last ages. A very worthwhile spend in my opinion.


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