How To Paint Rusted Metal Gates

As part of our ongoing DIY project, one of the things that needed fixing at the front of the house was the very rusted front gate and railings. I love having the gate there and when the garden is looking pretty I think shiny black railings will look really smart. I didn’t want to go to the expense of replacing the gates and railings so I set about making them look nice again on a budget.

rusted metal gate

The gate was very rusty indeed and had layers of rust and old paint on which I spent an hour or so scrubbing with wire wool and a wire brush to give a slightly better surface for new paint. This is what it looked like after a good scrub – by no means perfect but a much smoother surface to paint.

rusted gate

Then I covered the areas around the gate and set about spray painting it black. This was so easy, I just had to be careful about which way the wind was blowing. It’s always windy outside our house because of the proximity to the sea but if you live in a more sheltered location you might not have to battle the wind! I did cover up the floor and wall with some old paper in case I accidentally got any spray paint on them. I held the spray can about 6 inches away from the railing and set about spray painting! It was very easy to do and took a matter of minutes. I just went up and down each side of the bars to make sure it was really well covered. The spray paint I used can be sprayed directly on rust and will help protect against any more rust too.


I am so pleased with the results – the gates aren’t new, and of course have a couple of imperfections but I love them this way and think that they look really smart now that they are a shiny black!

black painted metal gate

In case you were wondering, here is a list of what I used for this project. (Affiliate links).

Hammerite 5092965 Metal Paint: Smooth Black 400ml (Aerosol)

Pack of 3 assorted rolls of 30g wire (steel) wool.

Silverline PB15 Heavy Duty Wire Brush


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