Quilted Christmas Coaster / Mug Rug Tutorial

mug rug tutorial

This week I’ve been making lots of Christmassy things to sell in my online shop and one of my favourites has to be these quilted coasters and I thought I would share a little tutorial with you.

You will need…

10cm square fabric, wadding and backing (or whatever size you want your coasters to be).


Lay your fabric out in layers, backing first, then wadding (I used fleece) then your top fabric, right side up. Make sure they are lined up.


Quilt the layers together in whatever design you like. I like to use squares or spirals.


Now you need to bind the edges. Trim the edges if they have come a little out of place and sew over the edges. I use a zig zag stitch / overcasting or appliqué stitch depending upon the look I’m going for. Trim loose threads and voila!!


Make set and these make excellent Christmas presents! Or you could always buy some of the ones I have for sale in my online shop….


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