Rainy Day Crafts – Making a Creepy Crawly Forest

Making a Creepy Crawly Forest

What’s with the weather this holidays?! It feels like as soon as school breaks up the heavens open! It’s been perfect weather for doing crafts though so that’s what we’ve done!

My girls fight quite a bit so it’s nice to give them something that they can work together on, but separately. We thought we would make a forest scene out of an empty cardboard box and the girls made the different elements of it separately, but came together to put it all together. It went really well and this project took up well over an hour which was time very well spent having fun!

You will need…

An empty, shallow cardboard box, cut off one side.

Various craft items such as pipe cleaners, cardboard, tissue paper, beads, scrap fabric, sequins

White glue

The different elements were put together separately, I’ll tell you how to make each part…


We used pipe cleaners and wound them round in a snail shell shape before gluing onto a piece of fabric and gluing on smaller pieces of pipe cleaner for the antenna.


We used a foam butterfly template and decorated with sequins, feathers, glitter glue and pipe cleaners


We used beads threaded onto pipe cleaners and a sticker face for the head. They are really cool because they bend like a real caterpillar would.


These little fellas were made with a pipe cleaner and a trusty googly eye!


These were made from pipe cleaners topped with craft leaves and a piece of cardboard topped with craft leaves.

Bee Hive

Finally, Little Miss J made a beehive out of yellow and black pipe cleaners a bead and some paper and glitter glue. I think it looks really cute!

Honestly, this was the best craft activity we have done in ages. The girls could work separately and together and it kept them entertained for ages. I loved chatting with them about things that they were going to make and watch their imagination at work as they decided how they were going to make the different elements.

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making a creepy crawly forest

A big thank you to Bostik for providing us with these craft materials free of charge as part of our role as Bostik Bloggers.



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