Review: Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid App

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I am so glad that I was asked to review this app because it could quite literally be a life saver. As the parent of young children, I obviously want to make sure that they are safe and part of that is knowing what to do in an emergency. What do you do if your baby is choking? If you child has a really deep cut, or if a baby has a fit?

I have done a couple of child first aid courses as I was lucky enough to have them free at our local breastfeeding support group, but it’s amazing how quickly this vital information leaks out of my brain so this app is great. I can sit there and read up on life-saving techniques whenever I am feeling rusty and if push came to shove I could consult the app if faced with such a traumatic event.

The app is really easy to use and has lists of problems, from your child having an asthma attack, poisons and even nosebleeds. Sections are clear to read, have plenty of visual aids and even videos. There really is a wealth of information on there and as it is now on my phone I will be having a quick read of the different sections when I have a spare 5 minutes, like waiting in the car on the school run. Here are some screen shots to give you a feel for the app…

IMG_5183 IMG_5184 IMG_5185

The British Red Cross say this about the app:

“Our FREE app is packed full of essential first aid learning for parents. It includes videos, quick tips and self test sections to test your knowledge. App users can search for their nearest accident and emergency department anywhere in the UK using the hospital finder. There

is a useful section on preparing for first aid incidences and a medical records section to record childrens medication and allergies. The Baby and Child First Aid app has been designed and developed for parents and carers of children to make learning first aid easy and accessible. 

 The app is primarily a way of learning first aid at your leisure before an emergency situation arises. However it does also include a section for use in an emergency.”

I’d encourage everyone to download this app – you never know it could mean the difference between life and death.

The app is free to download and is available on iTunes here and Google Play here.



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