Review: Tikkers Child Watch

At 6 years old Bean is now ready to learn to tell the time. She vaguely knows what the hours are (she can tell you when it is 7 o’clock) but the minutes past and to are still a little confusing. When I was little I had a special watch with markers on to help you to tell the time and I have been looking for the same for Bean.

This great watch from Tikkers is just perfect.


It has extra numbers around the edge to help with learning the time and helpfully also says ‘past’ and ‘to’ on the right hand and left hand sides to aid learning. I especially like that it say’s 1/4 for quarter past. The watch comes presented in a lovely case which makes it perfect for giving as a gift and has an adjustable velcro strap so should fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

This watch and others from the Tikkers brand are available online or in Debenhams, John Lewis and H Samuel nationwide. This particular watch retails for £14.99.



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