Small Savings You Can Make To Lead a More Luxurious Lifestyle

Well it’s New Year and like everyone else I’m all about saving money. Christmas is so extravagant that we’ve all become accustomed to tightening our belts in January. I’m certainly going to be keeping a closer eye on what we spend and try to tighten our budget if we can. I’ve noticed the last year that we can spend a lot of money on little things that we don’t really need and won’t miss if we don’t have them. For example, coffee while we are out and about or getting a takeaway are little things that we are trying to cut out. We do want to carry on living a nice lifestyle though so we won’t be cutting everything out! One thing we definitely want to do is travel more and place more emphasis on experiences over material things.

Oliver’s Travels has put together this great infographic on how to get more luxury for your money! It’s got a huge list of things that we might consider little luxuries and shows us how they can add up to a big luxury! Read through to the end though where some of the ‘little luxuries’ themselves might break the bank of an ordinary person! It’s really interesting to see written down in this way exactly what you can get for your money!


I know that I would definitely swap 4 nights in town for a trip to see the Northern Lights wouldn’t you? And let’s just say if I did have £1.6 million that I was prepared to spend on one pair of shoes, I’d definitely choose a private concert with Beyonce! How amazing would that be! If you head over to Oliver’s Travels blog you can tick off anything you have done on their luxury bucket list. Sadly I can only tick one thing off – I really must try harder!

Are you planning on tightening your belts this January in order to save for something big? I’d be really interested to hear about it!

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How to get more luxury for your money.


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