Space Saving for Family Homes

It does not matter what size your home is the space in it can disappear very quickly. Pieces of furniture get added, ornaments and other things start to gather and before you know it you have to navigate around things to get from one side of the room to the other. The first thing any style guru will tell you is to de-clutter your home by disposing of things you do not need and storing some of them away.


This is a great first step as it will make your home look tidier and make it easier to clean. It is also a medical fact that a clean and tidy home is better for our mental health, so you will feel better in yourself for de-cluttering your home.


There have to be other things that will save space though, and here are just a few suggestions.


Oversized Furniture


A huge, soft armchair can be very comfy to snuggle into while you watch the TV or read a book, but they do take up a lot of space.  They are not the only way to be comfortable, and you could create more room by disposing of one of these. You do not necessarily have to get rid of it. It may be fine in a spare bedroom for instance, but in your living room, it can be overwhelming.


The same can be said about all large pieces of furniture. In your dining room, for example, you do not need a table with 10 when you are only a four-member family. A 6 seater maybe for when you have guests, but keep your dining table a reasonable size.


Sometimes, it is a case of moving furniture into different rooms where they are less obtrusive.


Heating Radiators


For many years there was not much choice in radiators. They tended to be large and cumbersome and whatever wall they were on could not be used for anything else. Now there is a huge range of different shapes and sizes as you can see at  There are vertical ones, horizontal ones and column ones among others. Radiators are no longer the item that spoiled the way you could arrange your room and they are far more efficient than they ever have been.




Storage does not have to be visible and it can make many other things invisible until they are needed. Beds with drawers allow you to store your clean bed linen in them. If your bed does not have drawers fitted you can buy ones on wheels that will just slide underneath it. Baskets that will fit in the bottom of your wardrobe could be used to hide the hundreds of pairs of shoes you own. Inside your wardrobe you can hang your coats as well as other clothes, then you will not need to have a coat rack in your hallway.


If you have any nooks and crannies that are wasted space, fit some shelves in them to hold books or knick-knacks so that the space becomes useful and there is more clutter out of the way.


If you have an empty space under your stairs, turn that into a cupboard for hats, coats, shoes and everything else to do with going outside, if that is more convenient than having them in your wardrobe. A cupboard like this can also be useful for storing other things such as your vacuum cleaner.


Make Your Kitchen Spacious


Often, the kitchen is the hub of a home and it is not unusual for all family members to be in there doing different things. Because of this, it is vital that you have a spacious kitchen where the family can prepare meals, sit and have a coffee or do their homework at the kitchen table.


It needs to be a room that is functional, warm and welcoming. Use vertical storage racks so that you are not using more floor space than necessary, and if you have a pantry utilise it to the fullest extent. Often shelves in pantries are too far apart to be efficient, so move them about and add a couple more.


Keep your work surfaces clear of anything but essentials and bring anything else out only when you need it. For instance, the food mixer that you only use once a month does not need to be left collecting dust on a work surface. It will keep cleaner if it is put away, and will free more space.




For many people, the bathroom is the last room they see before going to bed and the first they see when they get up the next day. You do not want to be falling over things when you are only half awake, so the floor in them needs to be as free and clear as possible.


Heated towel rails serve more than one purpose. They will warm the towels, warm the room and because they usually lie flat against a wall, they do not take up much space.


If it is a shared bathroom, let each family member have a basket for his or her things in a cupboard, possibly under the sink. You do not need lots of squeaky toys when you are taking a soak in the tub, but you may want your bubble bath and sponge. When you have finished, your basket goes away and the bathroom is ready for the next person to use it.


Create More Space


Every home has a need for more space and it is up to you to create it. Regardless of whether you have 3 rooms or 13 rooms, they will soon fill up if you do not take control and sort everything out. It is far too easy to hang onto pieces of furniture or other things because they might be useful one day, and all they do in the meantime if take up valuable space.


Be tough on yourself and keep only what you need and although if you tend to be a hoarder, that might not be easy, you will be glad you created the space in your home.

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Space Saving for Family Homes


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