The best places for a family winter holiday

Winter seems to go on forever, but before you know it, it’s a few weeks until Christmas and you’re rushing to prepare for the big day. Instead of letting that time slip away, taking a family holiday to somewhere for the winter can be a great early Christmas present, and gives you time to relax before the year’s over. Work help from the travel experts at Compare and Choose, we’ve created this list of the best places for a family winter holiday!


Australia’s seasons are more or less backwards, so a winter holiday will take place right in the middle of summer. This might be confusing on your first visit to the country, but it can make for an excellent break if you’re sick of the cold weather back home

The warm weather also gives you a chance to do any summer activities you missed earlier in the year. There’s still plenty of winter activities, too, such as the Australian Snowfields and festive markets.

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Spain isn’t as warm as Australia might be, but it’s extremely dry, so it’s the ideal spot for families that don’t want to worry about rainstorms and unexpected hail. There’s plenty of festive parades and concerts to watch in the major cities, but the dry weather makes it really easy to go on hikes and road trips across the country without getting waterlogged.

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France can be cheaper to visit in the winter, but there’s still plenty to do all across the country. Skiing, spas, festivals and the government-set sales make it an excellent place to visit in the run-up the Christmas, whether you’re there for yourselves or to shop for each other.

There’s plenty to do even after Christmas day, so visiting the country for the New Year celebrations can be just as exciting for the whole family! If you’re only going with your partner and still consider February part of the winter season, St. Valentine’s Day could be the romantic getaway you’re looking for.

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Belgium is known for its Christmas traditions and customs, and many of its bigger cities have areas that look like they’ve been ripped out of a fairy tale or fantasy story. Younger children will love the family-friendly celebrations and seasonal food, and there’s always plenty of attractions in the major cities to keep each night interesting, as well as a huge amount of snack stalls to keep you fed during your stay.

Somewhere local, but rural

If you’re looking for the ultimate in low cost holidays, why not stay somewhere local? This is easier if you live in a suburban area, but heading out to a holiday cottage in the country can let you relax without being thousands of miles from home.

If you’re lucky enough to get thick snow, the whole family will be able to enjoy how ‘pure’ it looks when it’s not covered in footprints, tyre tracks and grit. This makes Christmas shopping easier, too. You won’t need to drag big gifts through an airport to get them home!


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The best places for a family winter holiday



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