The best shoes for your little ones’ winter adventures

Winter can be a tricky time for clothes shopping, especially when shoes are involved. Finding the best shoes for your little ones’ winter adventures isn’t easy, but there’s certain types and styles that work a lot better than others when it comes to keeping your children’s feet warm and toasty in the snow. Thanks to the footwear experts at Donagyhs, we’ve been able to work out which kinds of shoe would keep your child comfortable as we get closer to Christmas!

Winter boots

Boots are the quintessential wet-weather shoe, so they’re not hard to find if you’re looking for them! In winter, it’s best to go for the styles that have a separate lining on the inside, since these will keep your little ones’ feet much warmer and will dry out overnight. If you’re worried about snow getting stuck inside their shoes, try to find brands that use adjustable cuffs.

Wellington boots

Wellies are almost always waterproof and will usually go up to your child’s knees, so they’re ideal for keeping their feet dry. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost of warmth, so you should have something toastier on hand for longer walks and colder days. Wellingtons are really easy to find in almost any size you need, so if you don’t own any, it’s not hard to pick some up anyway just in case.

The best shoes for your little ones’ winter adventures

Waterproof leather shoes

As a general rule, anything that’s waterproof will be snowproof too. This makes waterproof leather shoes a good choice for children that don’t feel comfortable in full boots, or for days where they’ll constantly be in and out of the house: leather might not keep in as much heat, though, so bringing some thermal socks or an extra inner layer to keep their toes warm!

Hiking boots

They’re easier to find for older children, but hiking boots can be great for icy paths and steep hills in nearly any situation. They’re usually heavier than normal boots, so not every child will find them comfortable or easy to wear, but they’re excellent if your child needs extra protection and a way to stay stable on ice.

Wool-lined boots

Wool can be tricky to clean and dry, but it can be an excellent way to trap heat if it’s used properly. Shoes that use a wool lining on the inside are ideal for times where your child is still cold indoors, and they’ll keep your little ones’ feet warm no matter how the heating’s turned down! Just make sure you don’t use them in places where they could get wet, or they’ll become incredibly uncomfortable to wear.


Most trainers will get wet easily, but they’re still excellent for the dryer days in winter. Going for something with a higher quality will usually work better, so make sure you look into the materials before you buy any random pair off the shelf – breathable trainers could be a big problem for younger children, since the material might let too much cold air back through without them understanding how to stop it.

The best shoes for your little ones’ winter adventures

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The best shoes for your little ones’ winter adventures


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