The Weekend Wardrobe Stylist – Ditching the Dull in 2018

Dreary, dull, dilapidated…it’s hardly what you want your weekend wardrobe to be! Wearing boring attire all week means finally having some fun when you clock off. Take the advice of our ‘weekend wardrobe stylist’ for a dose of ‘how to ditch the dull’ in 2018.

Devil in the details

There’s nothing quite like slipping on some sexy footwear for a night out on the town, or just an evening spent ‘wining and dining’ at a fancy restaurant. Life can be your own personal catwalk with the right kind of heels.

Just take these perspex boots as the prime example! They can shift up any outfit, shazaming a simple wool dress into ‘mysterious woman’ territory. It just goes to show – it’s all about the details when it comes to footwear in 2018. Perspex boots are your staples with a twist, offering a slightly edgy take on an otherwise urbane look. They’re a little bit sinful, and don’t we just love that?

Other popular shoe styles of the season keep this trend tracking. From delicate, dainty heels overflowing with embellishments, to trainers with all the futuristic trimmings – there’s a shoe for almost any wish, whim, or wicked want!

Fringe benefits

If you have been feeling a little flat, a bit of fringe fascination can do the trick for up-to-the-minute style. No, we aren’t talking hair (though they say bangs can work almost as well as a facelift) but, rather, flapper-esque fashion – from evening through to casual wear.

Sashay your way into seductive style with a 1920’s style mini dress. Or, if you are looking for a low-key approach to this look, perhaps consider a fringed hobo bag? And, how about tassel earrings? These can be used to make a bold statement, and can be easily paired with most of the items already found in your wardrobe.

One of the hottest looks right now would have to be the fringed styles available from online retailer Meshki. These sexy dresses and two piece sets (crop tops and skirts) come in range of colours, and the slinky silhouettes will be sure to get you noticed!

Classy, yet clueless

What is old is new again in 2018, thanks to the revival of 90’s fashion. The hit movie ‘Clueless’ (staring Alicia Silverstone) is your ultimate style cue. Grunge glam is having a massive moment with leather jackets, dungarees and round glasses here to stay.

Update your look with a cute denim skirt, or even a flannel shirt over a sexy little black dress. It’s all about ‘the tude’ when it comes to nailing this trend. Try a choker for ‘cool girl cred’, and add some classic Doc Martens for those original punk rock vibes. You will notice that holographic prints have been reincarnated in a range of seasonal accessories – such as handbags, belts and even the humble old claw hair clip!

Whatever you think of 90s fashion, there’s a lot of nostalgia and iconic culture (Nirvana for one) associated with this era that can be really cool – depending on how you adopt your unique take on the trend. Rest assured, you’ll be feeling like ‘a total betty’ in almost no time at all!

Weekend wonders

Weekends are for letting loose. Make sure your wardrobe gets the memo, and inject a little extra sass into your off-duty threads. We hope you have enjoyed our run-down of ‘anything-but-dull’ weekend wonders. One thing is for certain…these styles were custom-made for saying TGIF!



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