Tips For A Totally Stress Free Wedding Day Morning

The day you commit to your partner for the rest of your life is a wonderful, exciting and truly beautiful day. But the hours prior to walking down the aisle can fly by, and it can be difficult to catch your breath, especially when there is so much to do beforehand!

So, here you’ll find our lowdown on the best tips and advice for helping you diminish and hopefully eliminate any stress on your big day.

Your hair and makeup artist

As a bride, worrying about your makeup or hair on your big day is a huge no-no. Your hair and makeup artist should be able to alleviate any stress or concern you might be feeling about your look, and fill you full of confidence and high expectation. Sarah Meredith is one such professional. So always ensure that you’re 100% happy with your choice of artist and your final bridal look.

And remember: make sure you do not leave any arrangements to your wedding day. These should all be done the day before at the latest, so you can completely de-stress on the day, knowing everything is done.

wedding make up artist

The night before

The excitement begins and maybe a few jitters too! Will everything go the way you rehearsed? Will you look as beautiful as want to? Will your partner remember the rings!? Start by unwinding the night before. Try a massage or some meditation, or maybe you could have a little pamper session with the girls; toe painting, massage each other’s hands, whatever you can do to help each other unwind!

And don’t forget to try your best to get a good nights sleep. Although not many brides sleep soundly the night before their wedding, don’t worry – adrenaline is a bride’s best friend; it’ll help you through the day ahead!


Breakfast is a must, even if you feel too nervous to eat, just manage to get something in to you; it’s a long day and you don’t want to faint or feel ill at a key moment! It can be something you wouldn’t normally eat for breakfast… even a bit of chocolate whilst standing in your dress is better than nothing, and a growling tummy would not have been good in front of all the guests!

croissants and flowers

Think playlist

Wherever you choose to get ready; at home, in a hotel, your parents home etc, create a pre-wedding playlist to get you both in the mood and also relaxed and composed. You will not only be relaxed and less nervous, but you will also have a little mix that will always remind you of your wedding morning.

Don’t forget to breathe

Breathe, and take it all in as it flies by. If all else fails, your close friends and family will be there to help, to make you laugh, and offer you support! Bubbles are also good, but not too many, you want to remember your day! And don’t want to feel poorly halfway through your reception!

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Tips for a totally stress free wedding day morning


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