Top Tips For Cooking With Kids

I love to cook with my children and they’ve all been helping me to cook from a really early age. I think it’s really important to involve them in the kitchen, not only because it teaches them some really useful skills but also because they are more likely to eat something if they have helped to make it themselves.

I thought since I love cooking with my kids so much I would share my top tips to help you get the most out of cooking with yours.

Protect your kitchen

It probably goes without saying but make sure that everything is nice and clean, from grubby little hands to work surfaces. Use a chopping board to protect any work surfaces and cover clothing with an apron. Kids aren’t known for being the tidiest people! Solid wood worktops are a great choice if you have kids as you can sand them and re-oil if they get a bit worn. Check out Worktops Express for some good options.

Make sure that they are at the right height

It’s really important that they can reach to help you safely. My girls would happily sit on the kitchen worktop but my little boy is much too lively for that. You can buy an inexpensive stool or chair for them to stand on or if they are younger they might be safer in a “helper pod” so that you know they are safe.

Let them choose what to cook

I like to get a recipe book out with nice pictures and let them help to choose and plan what to cook. They can get involved in every stage then, and they love shopping for the ingredients! Try to keep recipes simple though so that they don’t get bored.

Buy child friendly utensils.

It’s worth spending a couple of pounds on a child safe knife and a smaller whisk and wooden spoon that they can use easily. They love mixing and stirring and if their tools are too big they’ll make a big mess, trust me! You also don’t want any missing digits! A set of digital scales is a good investment too as measuring and weighing will help them with their maths skills too.


My top tip would just be to relax and have fun! If you are having fun cooking then your children will too. Don’t worry about the mess, you can always tidy up later. Taste the food as you go along and enjoy serving it up to the whole family at the end – they’ll be really proud of their creations!

What are your top tips for cooking with kids?

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Top Tips For Cooking With Kids

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