Being Tourists in Our Home Town – A Staycation of Sorts

This week we have moved out of our home to make way for builders. Well, the kids and I have – we have left Daddy there to project manage!

We booked ourselves into the local Premier Inn to get out of the mess and rubble and because I was nervous about staying in the house when two supporting walls were being knocked down!

We’ve actually managed to have a wonderful couple of days though! It has turned us into tourists in our home town and we have had lots of fun on mornings out, spending afternoons chilling in our hotel room, eating delicious breakfasts and finding new places to eat. I’ve embraced the no-make up look I usually sport on holiday and luckily not bumped into anyone I know which is all good!

Here’s a few bits of what we have been up to…

Having fun in Techniquest


Afternoon naps…


Walks along the beach…


Stopping to play because we have nothing to rush off for…


Learning through play at Cardiff Story Museum


It’s been a little staycation of sorts, and although we have visited some of these places before, it is really nice to do it in a relaxed way, with nothing to rush off for. It’s been lovely exploring places to eat out, which we wouldn’t usually do as we’d go home for dinner. We’ve also walked a lot which I would do if I was visiting somewhere as I am always unsure of driving in new places. This has meant we have seen a lot more of the local area and found little short cuts here and there!

I’d definitely recommend a little staycation in your own area – it’s really opened our eyes to where we live!


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