Tutorial: DIY Charger Station

One of the things that annoys me the most is the insane amount of chargers we have in the house. We have ones for our phones, iPhones 4 and iPhone 5’s, iPads, Kindles, cameras etc etc. Not only do all the wires lying around look really messy and unsightly but they can be dangerous and on top of that I am always guaranteed to be running around trying to find a missing charger.

This DIY charging station puts paid to all of that. The beauty of modern chargers is that most of them are USB chargers so as long as you usually only charge one or two things at once you only need one or two wall sockets as long as you have a clever solution for the usb wires which I now do!

I picked up this fab storage box in TK Max but any smart looking box would do. I cut holes in the back for two chargers to go through and fed the wires through.


I labelled the charger ends with washi tape and marked what they were to make it easier.

Now I just need to swap the USB in the plug end for the different things I am charging. The best bit is that all the wires and things being charged are kept hidden and I also now know where all my chargers are.



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