How To Upgrade Your Orange Phone

How To Upgrade Your Orange Phone

I have a mobile phone on a contract and I upgrade it whenever my contract is up. I like to have the newest phone on the market and also to make sure that I have the best deal possible so I am paying as little money each month as I need to! As a blogger my phone is essential to me, so I need to make sure that I have the best phone to handle social media every day, and a package with enough data to cope! I’ve become quite a pro at upgrading my phone so I thought I would share with you some tips on how to upgrade yours.

When it comes to time to upgrade, have a good look around at the market so you know what you are talking about. Research which phone you want and look at the deals on all the big networks. I didn’t know until recently that Orange is now EE and they are offering existing customers 10% off when they are upgrading to EE. This is great news for Orange customers as EE covers 97% of the population and has the largest 4G network. A must for a mobile phone addict like me!

I remember my first mobile phone contract was with Orange when I was in university. Since then I have shopped around and chopped and changed but I do like to stay loyal to a company, as long as I know that I am getting a good deal.

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When I’ve done all my research on the different deals available I will find the best one, and if it’s not with my current network I will phone their customer services to see if they can match a deal. For Orange you can find the orange telephone number here. There is a little trick to this. Quite often you will be met with the full skill of the sales team you are dealing with. Don’t be deterred. If you know that you can get a better deal elsewhere, ask to be put through to the team that deals with cancelling contracts. They have much more flexibility in negotiating and will often do what they can to match a deal in order to get you to stay with them.

This works for me every time. Don’t be put off being put through to the cancellations team, if they genuinely can’t match a deal elsewhere you don’t have to go ahead with the cancellation. Granted this is a little bit of effort but you only have to do it every 18 months / 2 years and you get a shiny new phone and quite often will save some money each month to boot.

Do you upgrade your phone as soon as you are able to and shop around for the best deal?

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